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5 Automotive Myths You Should Stop Believing

Every vehicle owner has their own unique best practices to keep their car in good condition. Whether you've picked it up from friends, family, or even the dealership, you should look into it a little further to determine if it's true. Some automotive tips relating to fuel efficiency, vehicle longevity, etc., that simple are not trusted! Today, we will go over 5 of this misguided information.

Myth #1: Premium gas will improve your engine performance. 

Premium gas has a higher price per gallon than regular and mid-grade, but using it does not guarantee that it will boost your car's performance. Premium fuel is only suitable for vehicles with engines that need a high compression ratio. So, if your car doesn't require premium gas, then don't get it. You should always obtain the recommended fuel grade listed in your vehicle's owner manual.

Myth #2:Engine oil should be changed every 3,000 miles.

Your oil change intervals depend on factors other than the number of miles you've driven. It also depends on your vehicle and the manufacturer's criteria. Lastly, it can also vary depending on the type of oil your car is supposed to take. So be sure to always follow your maintenance schedule as prescribed by your manufacturer.

Myth #3:Wash your car with dishwashing or laundry detergent. 

Dish soap and detergents have harsh chemicals that can strip off a car's wax and paint finish. It's worth it to pay a little extra for car-wash soap to ensure you're getting a proper cleanse without stripping your car.

Myth #4: Turning off the AC can improve fuel economy.

The truth is that it does not matter whether you have your AC blasting or all your windows rolled down. The change in your MPG is little to none, and it won't make a significant impact on your fill-ups.

Myth #5: Inflate tires to the pressure displayed on the tire's sidewall.

The kPa or psi number on the side of the tire is the maximum pressure that the tire can hold. If you're looking for the recommended pressure suitable for your car and its braking, handling, gas mileage, and ride comfort, please look at the sticker on the driver-side door jamb instead!


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