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What are the Symptoms of a Bad Catalytic Converter?

What are the Symptoms of a Bad Catalytic Converter?

SYMPTOMS OF A CLOGGED CATALYTIC CONVERTER Catalytic converters are an essential element of your car's emissions system, but they may fail if they get clogged. Your car's exhaust gas can't pass through the muffler when this occurs, which is common in older vehicles. As a result, the engine will ultimately shut down due to a lack of fuel and air in the combustion chamber, resulting in a loss of power and a flat battery. Essentially, the catalytic converter "fails" to do its function. Is there a way to tell whether your car's catalytic converter is bad? Clogged catalytic converter symptoms include the following: #1: Having Trouble Starting Your Car Sleepiness or trouble getting out of bed in the morning is one indication of liver failure. A blocked catalytic converter may have the same impact on your automobile, making it difficult — if not impossible — to start it. What causes this to happen? Having a clogged catalytic converter permits exhaust ... read more

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