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How to Know If You Have a Failing Timing Belt

How to Know If You Have a Failing Timing Belt

It takes many moving parts to help your vehicle run smoothly. One critical component is the timing belt. To fully understand the importance of your timing belt, you should know how it works and when to replace it.   Timing belts are rubber belts in combustible engines, and they assist in controlling the camshaft rotations and crankshaft openings and closings of the engine valves. This allows for an even distribution of fuel and air. In order for the ignition of the mixture to occur inside the combustion chamber, the valves need to push downward. When the timing belt wears down or breaks, these valves open at the wrong time and cause damage to your pistons and other engine components.   Unfortunately, timing belts do not give off as obvious of signs as other parts do when they wear down. Instead, it can break and cause an immediate breakdown. That is why your mechanic recommends you to change it as early as possible, typically between 50,000 to 150,000  kilometers. Yo ... read more

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