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Common Signs of Transmission Problems

Common Signs of Transmission Problems

Your transmission is the most complex system in your vehicle. It is made of hundreds of parts that work together to transfer engine power to move your wheels, which allows you to drive your vehicle. When one of these parts stops doing what they are supposed to do, your car will no longer be safe to drive. There’s a chance that it won’t drive at all.  So, how can you tell that your transmission is in trouble?  Here are the most common warning signs of transmission problems: Unusual or burning smells Red fluid leaks under the vehicle Difficulty shifting gears Problem staying in gear Grinding or hissing noises  Check engine light illuminates on the dashboard When vehicle owners catch the early signs of transmission trouble, they tend to put it off until the damage spreads. With this knowledge, we hope you bring your vehicle to our shop at the first signs of transmission problems. A transmission repair can get complex quickly. Fortunately, the team at Pref ... read more

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