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Five signs of a dying Car battery

You don't want your battery to fail and leave you stuck on the side of the road or in a parking lot. Any driver will always dream of a car that starts at the turn of the key. A faulty battery is a recipe for a horrible start to the day. How do you know your battery is dying?

A drag while starting the engine

A dead or almost dying battery will take longer to crank the engine than usual or won't start at all. Dragging to start happens to be the most common warning of a failing battery. If you hear your engine cranking, take immediate action before you get stuck and pay for towing services.

Dimming headlights

Sudden Flickering or dimming of the headlight indicates that your battery is unreliable. A low power supply from the battery reduces the brightness of your light, which can cause accidents, especially during the dark or on a foggy day. Dimming headlights are a great indicator that you need the help of a car repair expert.

A swollen battery case

A typical battery case is always rectangular. A bulging case is an indicator of a badly damaged battery due to bad outcomes of the chemical reactions inside it. Extremes of weather can also cause bulging of the battery casing. Such a battery is usually beyond any repair.

Corroded battery connectors

Finding crystal or abnormal color on the terminal(negative and positive ) indicates acid leakage. Corroded battery connectors lead to loose terminals making the car starting a challenge. Tightening the terminals doesn't solve the problem; replacement is the only way out. Corroded battery connectors are the most ominous sign of a fading battery lifespan.

Rotten-egg odor

Any time you open your car hood and an irritating choking smell meet you is a sign your battery is leaking with sulfur from the battery acid. Hydrogen sulfide gas is always produced by adding a lead battery.

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