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How Can You Benefit From Regular Tune-Ups?

A basic tune-up is one of the many auto services we provide at Preferred Auto & Fleet Service. It is one of those services that are vital for nearly all vehicles. Tune-ups can preserve your car's value and keep it in good, running condition as it ages. Here are some more in-depth details on the benefits of regular tune-ups:


The main advantage of a tune-up is that it is a form of preventative maintenance; in other words, it helps our mechanics catch issues before they turn problematic and expensive. For instance, we might change your dirty filter. While a clogged filter may not seem serious, over time, it will restrict airflow to the engine, leading to lower fuel efficiency. If regular tune-ups are done, these issues are caught and stopped quickly.


Regular tune-ups can prevent repairs, as mentioned previously, but they're also much less costly than having to spend thousands on a major repair. 


Many aspects of tune-ups include things like checking and servicing the tires, brakes, etc. All these parts are critical to you and your passenger's safety. Regular check-ups can overall prevent accidents and injuries from occurring.


Through many prevention methods mentioned above, your vehicle's lifespan and overall value will benefit at the end of the tunnel. You spend far less, and your car will be in great shape over the years. 


A healthy, well-kept car means it can be worth more if you decide to sell or trade it in. As always, it's essential to keep a record of all the services you get done to your car. 


If you are interested in scheduling your next tune-up with the experts at Preferred Auto & Fleet Service, please give us a call at (807) 697-0311 or visit our shop in Thunder Bay, ON.

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