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Important Winter Driving Tips Every Car Owner Should Know

During winter, drivers face many challenges when driving. Winter storms and icy and snowy road conditions make it difficult for drivers to see, slow down, or stop, increasing road accidents. Knowing the techniques of winter driving will help reduce the likelihood of accidents during the challenging season.


Stock Your Car With Winter Survival and Driving Kits

Winter flogs, snow and ice can get you stuck when driving. Ensure your car is well stocked to help you during an emergency. Your winter driving kits ensure you carry essentials like a snow shovel, snow brush, ice scrapes, extra batteries, emergency flashlights and jumper cables. Do not forget warm clothing, blanket, gloves, boots, non-perishable foods, medication, and other winter tools to help during emergencies in your winter survival kit.

Maintaining Appropriate Driving Behaviors

Always be cautious by understanding and driving for the condition. Maintain appropriate speed limits, avoid distractions like phone calls, and not be on drugs when driving. Increase your following distance, and always remember to put on a seat belt.

Conduct Regular Tire Inspection

Frequently check the level of your wear on your tires and replace it if necessary. Restore the tire pressure recommended by the vehicle manufacturers. Always inspect wheel alignment, and make necessary corrections.

Maintaining Enough Fuel Level

Ensure you fill up your fuel tank before you leave. If you get stuck, the driving time to your next fuel station will take longer. Do not let the fuel level get too low!

Plan in Advance!

It is essential to familiarize yourself with directions before heading out. Get updated on the weather, road conditions and traffic before beginning your drive. Inform others of the route you are going to take. Take into consideration any delays when planning for your arrival time. Remember to bring a cell phone with you!

Do Not Brake and Accelerate

If the car is heading to a skid, avoid braking and accelerating at all costs.

Do Not Panic

When the road conditions get icy, you need to drive slowly. Over-steering is a no-go thing!

Contact an Expert to Help you Prepare for Winter

Driving during winter is dangerous and challenging even for experienced drivers. Taking into consideration the above tips can help you drive more safely. However, if you need to prepare your vehicle for winter, bring it to our experts at Preferred Auto & Fleet Service today!

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