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Tips for Driving in Snowy Conditions in Ontario

Winter weather in Ontario can be unpredictable, and driving in the snow can be a challenge for even the most experienced drivers. At our auto repair shop in Ontario, we want to ensure our customers stay safe on the roads during winter. Here are some tips for driving in snowy conditions:

Prepare Your Vehicle

Before you hit the road:

  • Make sure your vehicle is prepared for snowy conditions.
  • Check your tire pressure and make sure your tires have adequate tread depth.
  • Consider switching to winter tires for increased traction.
  • Make sure your windshield wipers are in good condition, and your windshield washer fluid is topped off.

Slow Down

Driving too fast on snow-covered roads is a recipe for disaster. Slow down and leave plenty of room between you and other vehicles on the road. Accelerate and brake gradually to avoid skids and keep control of your vehicle.

Avoid Sudden Maneuvers

Abrupt turns or sudden stopping can cause your car to skid or spin out of control. When driving in the snow, keep your movements slow and smooth. If you need to make a turn, start braking early and begin turning gradually.

Use Your Headlights

Visibility can be poor in snowy conditions, so using your headlights is a must. Turn on your headlights to help other drivers see you and increase your own visibility on the road.

Watch Out for Black Ice

Black ice is a thin sheet of ice that can be difficult to spot on the road. It forms when temperatures are near freezing and can be especially dangerous in shaded areas, bridges, or areas with little sunlight. If you encounter black ice, stay calm, and avoid sudden movements. Slow down and maintain control of your vehicle.

At Preferred Auto & Fleet Service in Thunder Bay, ON, we want to help our customers stay safe on the roads during the winter months. By being mindful of these tips and the road conditions, you can avoid accidents and arrive at your destination safely. If you need any maintenance or repairs on your vehicle to prepare for winter driving, please call or visit our shop today.

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