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What Are the Most Common Exhaust System Problems

A vehicle's performance is based on the overall health and performance of the exhaust system. Since it's made of various parts, it only functions well if all parts work together. Failure in any part causes the system to malfunction. According to the workability of an exhaust system, it's prone to face problems at some point. Here are some of the common exhaust system problems.

1. Rust

Rust is mostly caused by rain, snow, or salt on the road during bad weather. Once the rust affects the exhaust system, it generates holes that make the exhaust a victim to the potholes, and in the case of a kicked-up rock, the exhaust becomes loose and may fall off.

2. Faulty exhaust manifold gasket

The exhaust manifold gasket provides a seal between the exhaust manifold and the cylinder head to prevent any gases from leaking into the system. In case of any faulty occurrence, you will notice a hiss or tap sound provided by the engine, especially at acceleration.

3. Bad oxygen sensor

The oxygen sensor balances the air-fuel mixture. In case of a breakdown, it fails in proper functioning, leading to the emission of more gas than air. As a result, the clogging of the catalytic converter will pose one of the problems caused.

4. Loose brackets

These are what hold the exhaust system in place. When loose, you will hear a rattling sound under the car; with time, they fall off. This endangers the exhaust system to reach the road. Fastened the brackets as soon as possible.

5. Exhaust leaks

Exhaust leaks can occur anywhere in the system. Mostly it causes rough vibrations and directs the shaking to the steering wheel and the gas pedals, which may cause cracking and poisonous fumes leakage. Whenever you see a crack or leak, it is best to check it immediately or seek professional help.

6. Blocked catalytic converter

The catalytic converter converts toxins into less dangerous exhaust fumes. When a blockage occurs, the car will not reach its normal power. A bad smell is produced, and the floor of the car will be warm.Such problems need professional assistance.
Most problems affecting the exhaust system are better solved immediately with professionals. We invite you to bring your vehicle to Preferred Auto & Fleet Service today if you need an exhaust system repair.

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