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What Is Transmission Fluid?

Your vehicle transmission is responsible for transferring the power generated by the engine to its wheels. Similar to engine oil for your motor, transmission fluid is used to keep the transmission system components cool and lubricated so that additional friction doesn’t cause internal damage. Without enough transmission fluid, your vehicle won’t run as smoothly, and you could experience transmission failure.


How Does Transmission Fluid Work?

The liquid solution, which is often pink or red in color, flows through the transmission from the impeller to the turbine. It’s created to do various things simultaneously when the vehicle is both on and off:

  • Allows the engine to shift gears
  • Provides hydraulic pressure
  • Lubricates parts
  • It acts as a film between components that are moving
  • Increases friction for the clutch to engage
  • Prevents wear, rust, and corrosion

If you put more strain on the transmission, the hotter the transmission will become. This is why the most important job that the transmission fluid does is carry heat away from the system


What Causes It to Break Down?

Heat is the number one factor that breaks transmission fluid down over time. Once the fluid can no longer do its job, including dissipating the heat, your transmission can take on extensive damage. As transmission fluid breaks down, the gears and other moving parts also generate more debris. The build-up of this stuff can reduce the quality of transmission fluid further and make it burn. Running on too low fluid is another prominent issue that can lead to premature breakdown. When transmission fluid levels are low, please have it refilled immediately.


If your vehicle requires a transmission fluid exchange (or flush), please get in touch with Preferred Auto & Fleet Service. Our certified mechanics have a wide range of experience working with various car makes and models. If you have any questions, give us a call or visit today! 

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